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Full Story TOLEDO — The toddler left behind when Cora Okonski was murdered in 2000 still looks for her after all these years and can’t give up “what might have been,” his adoptive mother said Thursday during a sentencing hearing for convicted killer Tait Purk.

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Full Story (Photo courtesy of Sioux City Police Department) Law enforcement honored with the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) national group achievement award were (from left) — FLEOA National Officer Mark Heinbach, FLEOA Nebraska/Iowa President Mark Kula, Sioux City Police Officer Mike Simons, Sioux City Police Detective Heather Albrecht, Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Jon Moeller, Assistant United States Attorney Forde Fairchild and Minnehaha County Sheriff Captain Mike Walsh.

Current News | 2016 Archives | 2015 Archives | 2014 Archives | 2013 Archives | 2012 Archives | 2011 Archives | 2010 Archives | 2009 Archives | 2008 and Earlier Archives | Iowa Cold in the News May 13, 2018 | by Carroll Mc Kibbin, guest columnist, The Gazette My dear mother saw the trials of the human existence through rose-colored glasses and a matching vocabulary.

In her world, such woes as death, crime, juvenile delinquency, and mental illness were soothed or eliminated by her special, empathetic language. In her words, they just went to “the great beyond.” And those committed to the state penitentiary, the boys’ correctional facility, or a regional mental institution she described as “visiting” in Fort Madison, Eldora, and Clarinda respectively, as if they were on vacation.

SIOUX CITY — A rural Plymouth County man was one of five law enforcement officials recently recognized for their work on solving a 2011 Sioux City murder case.

The members of the team that investigated the May 2011 killing of Tony Canfield were recognized for their efforts with the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) national group achievement award.

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