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Records proudly brings "An Evening With Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer" to the world.

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This is just one way in which the Jets are peculiar.

It would be patronising, and probably incorrect, to assume that Henry Harrison is entirely responsible for the archaic influences in Mystery Jets' sound, but it's definitely there.

'This is the strangest job in the world," Amanda Palmer muses mid-set.

"You watch a human being faint six feet away from you, and you have to pretend it's not happening." There can't be many piano-based acts who could cause their fans to pass out in hysteria, but there aren't many bands like The Dresden Dolls.

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Despite their Massachusetts origins, The Dresden Dolls are a profoundly European band.

A lot of trial and error, and a lot of error in trial and error.

In the beginning, we used to try to do a lot of vacations, only neither of us vacation terribly well. So, we’d wind up in fancy-ass hotels, in the middle of nowhere, going nuts.

Indeed, some of their material delves into an era before rock altogether, with mournful sea shanties and drunken jigs.

Just when you're thinking that Mystery Jets are the kind of band who'd probably play a dustbin lid, there's a stage invasion, the lights come up, and you notice that they are playing a dustbin lid. A more pertinent question, given the Mystery Jets' intrinsic strangeness, might be "Why are these guys big?

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