Reporting email dating scams yahoo

I also contacted and they stated they had removed her name.I don't believe they did because I tried it again just to see, and it did go through.My girlfriend Natasha have connected with her aunt Irina to Moscow at last.

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I want to say to you that the population of my city is approximately 555,000 people, in my opinion my city is not large in comparison, for example, with Capital-Moscow. For example, if in Moscow is am, in our city will be am. Today is -7 degrees on the street, it is snowly too, there is a large quantity of the snow, and what about your weather?

Of course there was this evil teacher at her university that was also stated in other letters I found on here.

I also found her listed with six different "screen-names" on, and contacted them and she is now deleted.

My name is Joe and I am a widowed white American, 41 years old in South Carolina, and I work for the telephone company. Within a few days of surfing the net, I came across this site and I found a Russian woman's picture who had contacted me about 6 months ago and as the typical story goes, declared her undying love for me after 5-6 letters, and then wanted money immediately to come to me.

with her email address for me to reply to which was [email protected] replied, although I was skeptical.

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