Jpa entitymanager merge not updating

Several methods were added to Session interface to match the Entity Manager interface.

These methods serve the same purpose as the “original” methods, but conform to the specification and thus have some differences.

The spec does not state that the id will be generated right away, regardless of the id generation strategy.

The specification for the method allows the implementation to issue statements for generating id on commit or flush, and the id is not guaranteed to be non-null after calling this method, so you should not rely upon it.

Follow the hierarchy for this example as below: Entities are nothing but beans or Models, in this example we will use Employee as entity.

In the above shown package hierarchy, under JPA Content package is as follows: tag defines each property such as database registration, URL specification, username, and password. In a business component all the persistence operations fall under service classes.

It is important to understand from the beginning that all of the methods (.

The mentioned methods basically manage the state of entity instances by transitioning them between different states along the lifecycle.

Unfortunately, there were also many differences: some major, some more subtle.

To act as an implementation of the JPA standard, Hibernate APIs had to be revised.

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