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With the added benefits of a leathery shell of Life Battle Armor from the explosion of good-old-fashioned hard work and sacrifice, The very, very best time in your life to work your ass off and create an exponential snowball of money, skills, and friendships.

Your brain will never be more sponge-like and inexhaustible.

All good things, to be sure, but also a bit of an illusion.

We all like to fantasize about a ,000 raise brought about by drinking the right mixed drinks in the company of the right influential people.

In real life (even New York City real life), you get paid for getting really difficult shit done, better than anybody else can do it.

This means fiddling with meticulous, gigantic spreadsheets at PM so you can get the impressively casual email to the department polished and sent by am.

Having recently spent a few days there doing the old clinking of cocktail glasses in expensive restaurants with attractive entrepreneurial people and delicious food flying around everywhere, I have a fresh memory of the vibe of that lifestyle.

It makes you feel powerful, and feeling powerful is a useful precursor to actually powerful – gaining the power to live a happy and excellent life.

Gaining your Pleasure through Creation, not Consumption The Elite Daily article builds its case around advancement, networking, and socialization.

Whenever something unusually interesting in the field of personal finance shows up in the news, Mr. Our diligent network of Mustachian Volunteer Spies combs and filters the world’s information, both for pearls of wisdom and pellets of comically misinformed dung.

Although I take steps to remain on a low-information diet, I still enjoy hearing about financial trends in our society, since this blog is all about changing the trends.

For the roughly 90% of people who plan to have children at some point make note of the following two bricks of wisdom: • No matter how much you like working right now, Shit can get Old … • Kids are way more work than you expect, accelerating the aging of the aforementioned Shit. If you attempt that feat with nothing but a well-networked career and a hangover, your life will suck.

You need to be well back from the financial cliff, not worried about how you’ll cover the next round of bill payments if you lose your job.

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