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Imagine one day seeing your black queen with a cute pixie style.But then the next week, she's rocking Marley twists.” Against my better judgment, I assumed that the wingman just wasn’t very good at his job and started talking to his friend anyway.We ended up hitting it off, but it wasn’t until our first date that I realized I had underestimated the wingman’s abilities.There's a chance your man has never stepped foot in a hair shop, and you've probably never even been in the same parking lot as a Supercuts: That's life.

just so you're on the same page (and not one from an American history book).The guy did, in fact, have some kind of black girl fetish.He kept touching my hair without my consent, was legitimately disappointed that I could not twerk, and called me “sassy” whenever I voiced an opinion that was different from his.Black women, you already know jean or pant shopping only comes second to being damned to hell's inferno.Like I mentioned earlier, we may not be living in outdated times anymore, but we haven't completely jumped ship from people's stalemate mindsets with regard to interracial dating.

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